At a time it wasn’t beautiful

Thinking I’d be a lifeless face

People would forget..

I’d Leave quietly in the night

Where I’d lay my restless bones

On a bed of insecurities

Befriending darkness repeatedly

Of my sorrows

Till one morning

A sunrise so bright

Scorched my eyelids

With a hand stretching towards me

Reminding me, “How more than just labels, people shout out”

You saw me as a human

Saving me from my slaughterhouse.

It was at that moment

When I remembered how much

I loved myself till it hurt.

For the first time

In my life

I was reborn

Fluttering my wings

Becoming an instrument of flight

To this new beginning of life

Promising myself

I’ll never again staple my body

With labels by our society


Take 12

You trip over your insecurities, while thinking of the absolute terror of ever getting too comfortable. The idea of love, might as well be a foreign language to you

because after all , you believe you’re only just a “asshole”

And maybe it will be one hell of a crime

If you just continue to stay.

Or maybe you’ll see that it will all be worth it.

Ps. It would also help if you start seeing yourself more than just a asshole.


You claimed your undying love would never be lit again; after all, you carved my name out of your skin. I gawked at that idea, because who’s one to claim “love will never find their way again.” But you insisted, when we were together, and promised me, once your heart was broken. Now. I’m here years, later from the statement; reading your undying love for emerald eyes. I can’t help but chuckle, and say, I told you so.

And that’s why, my dear. Never make promises you can’t keep. Sober, drunk, broken-hearted and in love. Never make promises you can’t keep.


I overheard from the other frequency, you’re looking for a face who’s eyes are as soft as mine. Where her lungs sing to you, my same lullaby. In the evenings you panic In the basking light, as you cry in the cobwebs of my dead silhouette. To be honest, I’m not sure why you want to torture yourself with the ghost of me.. but if it makes you stay sane, if it keeps
You alive; to find comfort in someone you wish were my eyes.. then I wish you nothing but the best.

hate to break it to you though, those eyes will never be mine.